Slice through your busyness to leverage your leadership best. Scale your impact without sacrifice. For you & for your team.

IMPACT is a Leadership Program. An 8-week growth accelerator.

* Without guidance and support crew, leading through change can be overwhelming, the distractions insurmountable.
* Without accountability for your personal growth, everyone else's priorities are going to stay ahead of your own goals.
* And without fun, what's the point?!

Impact will save you years of frustration, pigeon-holing and trial and error. I've helped hundreds of leaders across dozens of industries and 12 countries. I'd be honoured to work with you too.

Is the IMPACT Accelerator Right For You?

Impact is for leaders doing great, but spinning their wheels, while juggling all the balls. Concerned about your team and KPIs, you're ready to bring it all together, with less effort.

You're brilliantly successful to the outside world. But inwardly you're part-time-agonising over your ability to be effective as both a leader and a whole human, at the same time.

Aaaaand you're maybe a little crushed by the loss of fun in the workplace, amid the heaviness and overwhelm of world and workplace shifts.

Impact is right for...


You've been really successful and you know your craft beautifully. But leading your current team is a new deal for you and you'd like to level-up your leadership skills, to match your other strengths.

It's time to see your brilliance at work, and to feel the confidence you've earned, my friend.

Tighten your leadership style, your message and extend your reputation.


Described as 'one to watch', a hot-shot, a star. You're ready for more alignment, more capability, the next move.

Wherever you're at now, move towards YOUR next. Impact will elevate your exposure for all the right reasons- extending your networks, delivering more authentic and on-message messaging to inspire your team, engage your stakeholders and believe in yourself.


You're an established leader with runs on the board, things have gone so well before. But something's changed. Maybe a whole lotta somethings!

There's been a shift in you, the team or your environment. You're ready for a re-evaluation of what you bring to the table, what you should be delivering and what you've got to work with.

It's time to hit reset and come out refreshed and firing.

Have you noticed... the people most CAPABLE aren't always PROMOTED? And being LIKED isn't a golden ticket either...

Progressing your leadership from 'unsure' to aligned, is a simple journey, with guidance. In IMPACT we use trusted leadership capability frameworks, inclusive leadership tools like Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Adaptive Communication... along with the heavy work of mindset. Working out the leader you want to be known as, then managing your relationships and delivery, to make that happen.

Our Final Kickoff for 2022 is October 31st

You've achieved great things, but you're swamped with all there is still to do.

There's a saying I love -
"Do less & obsess".

You can't fall behind here. Our Masterclasses are loved, but our focus in Impact is action. Between your 1:1 Strategy calls and Group Coaching, your focus will be curating effort and massaging your message.

How much of what you're doing now, can you not? Making room for what's most important for you, your team, the business.

IMPACT is for doers and change-makers who want to make space for what matters most.

“Work’s going really well. I was very sceptical of all this, but I took the steps and I’ve shifted so much!

Even my personal life has improved. I’m investing my energy in the right things. I’ve worked out what works for me and for my stakeholders and I’m more comfortable saying no. I’ve always been vocal, but you helped me to get a better result.

My stakeholders are quite excited, but its helped me more than anyone else.


Kickoff is October 31st

Join me & make 2022 a stellar career springboard.


$585 + GST



$3297 + GST


Impact is for people who lead people.
Here's what's inside.

This 8-week growth accelerator provides the elements vital to connection, inspiration and delivering results.

Learn to lead in your zone of genius. With strengths recognition and some magic ricks for clearing the less important but often overwhelming busy-tasks, you will make room for big-impact actions. That's going to require a focus on confident decision making and magnetic people leadership. And this my friend, is where we'll be hanging out together.

We have SIX WEEKLY FOCUS AREAS that add up to connected, authentic, brave and inclusive leadership:

-6am Tuesday 1st November-

What type of leader do you want to be known as? Amid the pressure to perform a role, take care of others, fit in or meet a KPI, identity can be lost.

This week uncover what your current identity is and decide what you'd like it to be.

In your MasterClass Library, you'll find activities to get to the bottom of your values, your key skills, where you're heading from here and how to get there.

-6am Tuesday 8th November-

Now you're clear on what you'd LIKE to be known for, this week you start the ball in motion.

In our live coach call, ponder questions that will leave you chomping to take action and shift perceptions. You have multiple stakeholders. Each of them might see you differently. How would you like them to see you? This week you define your message and clarify your brand.

In the Masterclass library delve in the areas that suit you best. Resume makeover? Or the perfect elevator pitch?

-6am Tuesday 15th November-

Mindset is the machine that makes the magic happen. Your habits are creating your future.. are your habits forging the future you really want? Or are they creating more hard work for you?

In our Live call, we're wrangling your habits and setting 'new' in place. In the Masterclass library you'll find Perfectionism, Getting Organised and the Science of Happiness.

So many of our habits are formed by old beliefs that no longer serve us. But habits aren't permanent - you can chose them.

-6am Tuesday 22nd November-

Low EQ behaviours are the #1 reason quoted as the Reason For Leaving in exit surveys. And high EQ is the #1 indicator for success in leadership.

Did you know your level of EQ is not set in stone? You can build it. This week, you'll learn to bth expand your EQ and to leverage the EQ brilliance you already have.

Your MasterClass Library has a deeper dive for you, to build greater background knowledge on EQ and how to build it in yourself and your team.

-6am Tuesday 29th November-

There are so many possibilities for Communication, right?! Our Live Call focus is Adaptive Communication. How to adjust your message for your audience and why you'd want to. And how to adapt your message without losing yourself in the process. Do the soul searching live, ask questions and create an action plan that inspires you.

If you'd like to go deeper, you can access the pre-recorded Communication Masterclasses from Day 1. These delve into the specifics of Stellar Presentations, Storytelling for Engagement & Difficult Conversations.

-6am Tuesday 6th December-

Inclusion is what happens when people feel welcome to be their whole selves at work. Healthier people & workplaces with healthier commercial outcomes.

I've trained Inclusive Leadership for well-known brands for years, & I want you to have all the resources you need- from talent mapping & recruiting, performance management and coaching. You'll even find a section on Gender Diversity with Case Studies & the latest data & what it means for you.

With resources, guidance & accountability, you'll be taking action & seeing results.

What Will Working Together, Look Like?

Every Tuesday morning you'll join the LIVE SMALL GROUP COACH CALLS. That's 6am Sydney time. I'll bring questions to hone your focus, lessons to inspire you & tools to inspire immediate action.

Yep, these calls are early!! .... because I know that once the day starts, the day gets in the way. That's normal. This way, when your regular day kicks off, you're in control. Pyjamas, pets & kids welcome.

Allow 60-90 minutes for this live call.

(All calls are recorded. You can find them next day in your admin area & the Facebook Group)

Do you like to listen to Podcasts, or Audio Books? Your MASTERCLASS LIBRARY is probably going to take its place for our 6 weeks & maybe beyond.

See, in my book, a 60 minute burst chat is awesome for action! But sometimes you need more learning, to really does not make for an intense learning experience. There's just a lot more background you'll want to cover, to get an immersive experience in these 6 Impact areas. So you'll find your MasterClass Library stocked with, well MasterClasses!! Some you'll use right away - like Adaptive Communication strategies, where others you'll possibly park till you need them, like creating your resume or handling difficult conversations. You'll find Video Trainings here, along with workbooks, PDFs & audio files.

You can access the MasterClasses any time throughout the program. There's videos from me, and those who's expertise I think just can't live without.

You're unique, right? And so is your situation. So your THREE 1:1 COACH, STRATEGY SESSIONS are a core feature of Impact. These 30 minute Coaching sessions will see you locking in a goal for the program, setting your path at the outset. The 2nd session is at the mid-point, to check in and check you're on track. And the final session at the wrap up will bring it all to a close and set you up beyond Impact.

Friday 4th November, 10am- WELCOME CALL! This live call has a sneaky so we can cut any overwhelm and check you're comfortable with where to find everything & what steps to take. Get acquainted with my FAVE Coach tools & time-buying magic tricks. I'll give you the planner I use to sort the Urgent & Important from the noisy distractions... and to feel a sense of accomplishment, even when the to-do list doesn't let up.

And finally, December 13th at 6am is our CELEBRATION BREAKFAST. Bring your champagne, OJ, green juice or cuppa as we toast your progress.


I know that being a more competent, confident & inclusive people-leader is important to you. My job is to get you there, through this program.

Plus Support To Help You Generate Momentum, No Matter What Else Lands In Your Lap.


Weekly Group Coach Q&A Calls with Catherine.

Our private group is an active community of supportive go-getters who are on the exact same journey you are. Going it alone could take eons - but with the community you can get past hurdles in moments. With us in your corner, you'll turn isolation into inspiration and frustration into fearlessness.

Value $1,200


1:1 Coach Strategy Sessions

Your 1:1 executive coach sessions, at the outset, mid way and end-point of Impact, will ensure you are getting what YOU want most from your leadership journey.

Value $749


Quiet Strength

Megumi Miki is quiet by preference and mighty in impact. With a career that includes consulting and now award-winning author of Quietly Powerful, this masterclass is not to be missed. Join the Masterclass, then listen in for my conversation with Megumi about the need for all types to tap into the benefits of being quietly powerful.

Culturally we celebrate fast action and loud voices. But is that causing bad decisions and relationship damage? Here we look closely at inner quiet & why you need to nurture yours.

Value $349


Career Conversations

These are the least-had of the critical conversations you need to have with your team. Join me in conversation with expert career strategist and author of Career Conversations, Greg Smith - diving deep into his insights into managing your career and the careers of others.

Done well, career conversations build trust, retention and reinvention of skill sets for future needs.

Value $349

When you add it all up, that's $5,895 of real world value.

But you can register for Impact today for just...


$585 + GST

Psych Assessments provide a robust, objective foundation for Development Purposes

The CPI 360 Psychometric Report For Development is facilitated and delivered by an accredited specialist. This bundle includes a unique Development Report plus a Feedback and Implementation Session.

Order Summary
Impactful Career 12 Instalments


$3297 + GST

Psych Assessments provide a robust, objective foundation for Development Purposes

The CPI 360 Psychometric Report For Development is facilitated and delivered by an accredited specialist. This bundle includes a unique Development Report plus a Feedback and Implementation Session.

Order Summary
IMPACT 8 Week Accelerator

Remember our team is in this with you.


If you have any questions about Impact, we're here to chat.

Click here to schedule a 1:1 LIVE Zoom call with someone from our team.

Plus a Pay-In-Full Bonus


On Camera - Mini-Course

Oh honey this is huge. This is where you start to reap the benefits of the unstoppable machine that is video.

Video is expected in leadership - in team meetings, presentations, inspiration and resumés. This is your chance to conquer it.If you want to feel like the best, most authentic version of yourself, to present like a goddess of professionalism on camera, this powerhouse woman is your #1 go-to. Her zone of genius is helping people who don't think they're engaging, to glow. Helping people sag under the weight of the camera glare, to get comfortable with the tech and with themselves.

In this 3-Part Mini-Course, Mel unpacks:

  • Educate, Entertain or Inspire
    Learn the ins and outs of presenting as a Pro in person and on video.
  • Everyday Video
    How to show up easily on camera to engage remote teams - and how to repurpose this content in meaningful ways.
  • Nail The Tech
    Gain expert insight on the basic tech you need and how to best put it to use, to give you the best result.

Value $749

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About Catherine Nolan, your coach.

Impact is led by multi award-winning coach Catherine Nolan, Founder of Gender Gap Gone and the Don't be ARSD Movement®.

With a 15 years experience building leadership skills and a global reputation as a women's leadership expert, she shares the leadership stage with the likes of Julie Bishop, Grace Tame, Nova Peris and Leigh Sales.

Cath's created transformations with individuals from numerous government departments, as well as ASXTop 10, Fortune Top 50 companies such as Coca Cola, Toyota, Uber, Disney, HP and Johnson & Johnson.

A four-time #1 Best-Selling Author on career courage, in 2021 Catherine was honoured with a People's Choice Award for Leadership Coaching, the AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Women Will Change the World and named Finalist as Women's Champion for NSW.

I know what it's like to hide parts of yourself in order to do a great job. To be striving and successful but heavy with 'not-enoughness', dismayed that you should have been further along - or it should be more enjoyable, or just easier.

I'd been a successful career and leadership coach for 15 years, helping thousands before my personal breaking point showed me the fight switch. With 3 young kids, the knock was so fierce it nearly ended me. Fighting back, I discovered transformational insights and tools that thousands of clients have since loved and implemented too. I learned how to turn on that fight switch, even in the worst of circumstances, to lead with heart and energy.

I bring everything I've got, to help you build wealth in finances and in life. A life of purpose and joy, with all the rewards you deserve.

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