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Career Impact is extraordinary. With award-winning leadership how-to and coach-led support and accountability, it's a goal-post-shifting, transformation program- but it's not right for everyone.

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Your general overview questions.

What is Career Impact?

It's a 6- week online course for high-integrity, hard-working career builders who've bumped a barrier and are ready to break through it.  

Whether you're an executive craving greater influence, a technical specialist wanting a wider audience or a new manager determined to forge relationships right. Career Impact has you covered.

For the full curriculum breakdown, including the core modules and bonus masterclasses, visit the program page and take a tour.

How is it delivered?

Career Impact is a growth journey, not just a series of lectures. The focus is on active implementation, so modules are released one week at a time. You're likely to want to invest between 2-5 hours a week, between videos, calls and implementation.

Your Masterclass library and resources are all delivered inside the App, or you can access via desktop.

Every week of the program, plus one extra, you'll be invited to a live Q&A video call. Outside of that, share your questions, celebrations and support in the closed facebook group.

What will i learn?

Career Impact is a hub for learning how you can identify and leverage your brilliance.

You can expect to understand yourself and your unique offering more deeply than ever before. Then you'll go on to learn to let that brilliance work for you, through your branding, tighter communication, applied emotional intelligence and stakeholder engagement skills.

To view the full curriculum, including the library of Masterclasses, visit the Program Page.

What's not covered?

We don't cover financial skills, hospital management systems, academic politics, polymer foundations, or how to pass the bar exam.

To be specific, we don't teach technical skills. In Module One we focus on your unique journey, and how you can go about building the skills you need for your next steps. While we coach on how to build the tech skills, the bulk of our work is leveraging your personal management and people management skills. If this doesn't answer your question, get in touch.

When can I get started?

Not yet! Class begins 31st January. Until then, we recommend you register and lock away your place, and your commitment to a 2022 that's more for you.

Register here.

Does my location matter?

Not at all. The skills being taught here are created with inclusive leadership in mind. That means different types of people, different industries and demographics. No matter where in the world you're based, if you have an employer and work with people, this program will work for you. 


Who it's perfect for.

Who is it right for?

Do you interact with other people, in order to earn a living? And you're either employee or people-leader? Then this is for you.

We work with successful leaders who've reached a barrier. Like the pigeon-holing curse of being seen as outstanding at your job! Your reputation is stellar, but you want to be known for something bigger, or something else.

And with people who've had success, but at the cost of family relationships or their health. And we work with people who want to transition. Maybe back to the workforce, or to a more values-aligned role, or a more senior position.

Who is it not right for?

I've been asking one common question at all events I've been involved with, since GGG began in 2015. 'What's the #1 thing holding you back?" If you, my friend, are that one person out of every 20, who says NOTHING IS HOLDING ME BACK! Then this is probably not for you. If you're in your dream job, the stellar reputation that matches what you want to be known for, and your personal life is in harmony... then you don't need us and we sincerely wish you well.

Go celebrate yourself, lovely! Unless you want to join us so you can share that with your team or mentor others... but let's chat before you commit. 

Is it only for women?

Nope! Most of our clients identify as women, but we also work with a lot of men.

In HR-speak, we primarily work with the High-Potentials and the High-Performers, who've hit some sort of barrier. You might be courage-depleted, or have hit a workplace barrier... but you don't have to be a woman, to join the program.

What if I'm not currently working?

If you're currently working, the Branding module is going to be less urgent - but if you're not currently working, then the Branding piece is going to be hot to trot, and the people-leadership Module Six will be one you'll come back to when you're in a team environment.

To be clear, paid managers are not the only ones leading people. Whether you're in paid employment or not, there are loads of ways to clock up practical experience with all of the skills in The Impactful Career. If you're not currently working, this would be an excellent investment of your down-time.

But my circumstances are different...

Everyone's situation is unique.

We've used these strategies to help people from Defence, education, law, health, mining, retail, financial services, all levels of government, food, manufacturing and many more. But if you're still unsure, get in touch.  

Do I need to be tech savvy?

Ahhhh-no-way! Anyone can use the app and join the community. When doors open, all of your content will be inside our members-only page on the website. We'll send you your unique links. If ever you sign yourself out or forget your password, we're here to help you if you need it. Weekly videos are streamed live in the Facebook group and on Zoom. So if you're comfortable visiting a website and Facebook, you'll be the expert here!


Access Cost & Guarantee

How much does it cost?

The Career Impact program is $1997 Australian dollars (around USD1500) when you pay in full, or $199 AUD per month (roughly USD150) over 12 months, if you choose the payment plan.  

We understand this is an investment in your career. It's also a tax deduction and we anticipate that one of your goals is likely to be a salary increase or promotion. So when you apply what you're learning, the financial impact will be significantly greater than your outlay.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. We're committed to supporting women who've been impacted by family and domestic violence. Recognising the the crippling emotional and financial impact of DV, we offer both full and part scholarships.

If you would like to apply, please get in touch and we promise to welcome you warmly.

If you work in DFV and would like to extend a scholarship to someone else, please call! We'd love to support your work.

What types of payment do you take?

We accept credit card payments through Stripe. We can also accept PayPal, and bank transfers.  


About the 'Ending DV Poverty' Initiative

You're giving away a course when I buy a course. Does that mean I'm paying double?

Ah-ah, no way, no ma'am. Nope. We've worked in this space for some years now. Our programs are super competitively priced. We can be super competitive AND still generous in gifting a seat for every seat sold, because of 2 things.

We're a Sustainable Enterprise. The Gender Gap is a wicked problem, and in some areas like domestic violence, it's only getting worse. We're prepared to forego profit for the sake of our mission.

The second reason, is our team is micro in numbers and huge in commitment. Our overheads are lower, so that the people who benefit most are the people taking our programs.

Is this suitable for our team members accessing Domestic Violence leave or support?

Well hell yes. Absolutely. It's a stellar way to let your team members know they're supported in non-intrusive, pragmatic way.

DV 'users' or perpetrators commonly make it difficult for victims to work- logistically, limiting opportunities and trashing their confidence. This program is an excellent antidote to that confidence crush, not to mention helping with the financial security that enables choices.

Who do the 'gifted' programs go to?

We have a network of Not For Profits who work in the Domestic Violence sector.

These include womens shelters and refuges, women's health centres and outreach programs, counsellors and advocates. Some cater to all women and children, others have a more specialised focus on First Nations women, or Migrant and Refugee women.

Our network partners nominate the participants, who then receive access just like you do.


We've got A's for your Q's

How is it different from google-searched content?

If you spend enough hours searching the net, you'll find a lot of this content available in the public domain. But you're also going to have to trawl through a-lotta other stuff to get there. And this content is put together by recognised industry experts.

You'll find some of this content in the books written by Cath and the Masterclass coaches, too. But Career Impact goes deeper, and the live Q&A sessions and facebook community provide support when it comes to applying what you've learned, in a unified approach, to your unique situation.  

What support is available during the course?

When Career Impact is in session, there are weekly Q&A calls where you can submit your questions and have them addressed by a leadership coach. The calls take place every week of the course, plus an additional TWO WEEKS after the course wraps up - a total of 8 live Q&A calls. Call times are staggered to accomodate a range of people.

The closed Facebook community is a vibrant resource for answers and encouragement. The Gender Gap Gone team and Cath Nolan are regulars, and the Masterclass hosts visit from time to time also.

For any tech support, Kim and Camila are keen to help.

Will I work directly with Catherine?

If you have a specific program that includes 1:1 coaching with Catherine, then sure! Otherwise, it's likely you will have contact, but not a guarantee.

If you submit questions for the Lives and you attend, then you'll interact with Catherine. If you have a specific question for her, you can tag #ASKCATHERINE in the Facebook group, for her specific attention and advice.

What if I have another question not mentioned here?

Oh honey, please get in touch! We're passionate about helping you to get to where you want to be. If you have a question, we'd love to help. And given the new-norm juggle, let's just say we don't all work 9 to 5!  

If you have a question, please reach out.

What's your biggest wish?

The one too big to even call a goal, maybe it's such a stretch you haven't even said it out loud.

Is now the time to get closer to that? To find out what's possible for you?

Now might not be the right time for you. But if you're on the fence, ask yourself this. Are you wavering because you don't want the way this wish-come-true would make you feel? Or are you wavering because you don't believe you can?

If you want to be a professional Opera singer and you have a voice like... well a voice like mine, then maybe you're right and that wish is unrealistic. But in our experience, most career wishes are actually within reach. So if you're still on the fence, schedule a call HERE with Cath. Use the link to book directly into her diary at a time that suits you. Let's spend 15 minutes strategising. Whether you chose to join us in Career Impact or not, it will be the best 15 minutes you've ever invested in your career.

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