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We've worked with over 5000 individuals through 1:1 Coaching and 3000+ through Workshops and Conferences. You've been asking us for a program just like this. So we created it. Now in January 2022 it will be available via our new App. Intimate, snackably-implementable, supportive and accountability-focused.

Career Impact is the most comprehensive program for building courage, capability and on-target messaging - for genuine impact and lasting legacy. We cannot wait to have you join us.

Meet some of our past students.

"Fabulous and well worth it. Cath was fabulous."

- Jo Withford, Civil Engineer & Project Manager, Roads and Maritime

"Took so much away. Great presenter with a great wealth of experience and knowledge. Highly recommend."

- Chahida Bakkour, Head of Airspace Platform, Airservices Australia

"Extremely well structured. Absolutely loved it. Thank you."

- Sonia George, Senior Business Analyst, RMS

"Very engaging presenter. Am inspired to continue self-development."

- Hala Sattouf, Project Engineer, Roads & Maritime Services

"Very practical, I will be using these strategies. Great ideas, evidence based & lovely manner."

- Susan Gazis, Professional Conduct Lead, NSW Education Standards Authority

"Very engaging, personalised session. Great facilitator, very knowledgable."

- Corinna Ridley, Manager Student Services, Deakin Uni

"Excellent - articulate and practical. Able to adapt to group which was fantastic."

- Zoe Morgan, Dean of Learning, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace


- Meredith Poe, Catholic Education Office, Perth

"Excellent. Cath is knowledgeable, interactive, the content very informative."

- Suza Imperatori, 7-Eleven Stores

"Excellent. So engaging and flexible."

- Vivien Bull, General Manager, UnitingCare Queensland

"A wonderful experience."

- Dr Katherine Astill, GP, Glenelg SA

This teaching has long-lasting inpact.

"Cath was excellent. Her presentation was useful, inspiring and very thorough. Really impressed with her knowledge, skills & advice. Thank you Cath."

- Meg Madden, NESA

"Very practical, I will be using these strategies. Great ideas, evidence based & lovely manner."

- Susan Gazis, NSW Education Standards Authority

"Cath you are great. I will definitely implement a lot of this in my life."

- Pooja Sharma, Dept. Education

"Catherine is a wonderful, inspirational, knowledgeable coach and really grabbed us into the depth of possibilities. Thanks Catherine!"

- Elyse Peisley, Manager, Transport NSW

"One of the best, most inspiring talks. So much to take away from."

- Flavia Pinto, Project Officer eHealth NSW

"A great motivating and inspiring event which gave me numerous skills to develop me personally and techniques for my team.

Fantastic from a professional and personal perspective. It has given a number of tools to utilise and enhance my leadership style."

- Kate Wilkinson, Dept Innovation

"Cath is an engaging and likeable presenter. It was an honour to hear her speak. I would highly recommend this course."

- Lisa Powell, DFSI

"Cath was very engaging & inspiring to listen to. Very worthwhile for all leadership. I think it's a relevant course for all team leaders."

- Sharron Bailey, Human Services

"Excellent. Most beneficial."

- Sharni Kondrat, Trustee & Guardian

"Cath was fantastic. So engaging and easy to relate to. A great facilitator!"

- Megan Jones, Director, Department Human Services


- Anastasia Assongiotis, NSW Public Works

"Excellent! Highly recommend Cath Nolan."

- Kelly McKay, Business Analyst, Balance Agricultural Nutrients, Bay of Plenty

"Great combination of inspiring and simple, practical actions I can take immediately and also ideas for deeper reflection for longer term."

- Rikka Lintola, Treasury

"Inspiring, professional & definitely worth the time investment. I have some key takeaways I will definitely build on."

- Tanya Davies, Acting Head of Middle School, Wesley College

"Very engaging public speaker. Liked having actual tools & strategies I can use straight away."

- Leanne Mills, Manager, DCS Spatial Services

"Inspiring!! Applicable and practical. Excellent engagement & wonderful balance between individual & group work"

- Lusia O'Brien, Ministry of Health

"Practical exercised to illustrate points raised were particularly useful. Putting the theory into practice was very valuable, really appreciated. Cath's bravery in sharing her personal story and her open approach to the sessions and feedback from participants."

- Megan Jones, NESA

"Topical, fun & informative. Such a great experience; engaging, thought provoking & informative. I am very grateful for the opportunity and happily recommend fo women seeking to pursue leadership opportunities."

- Katherine King, NSW Trustee & Guardian

"Catherine has a lovely calm manner and obviously a lot of experience. I've gained some great ideas"

- Narelle Harney, Principal, Cairns Diocese

"Excellent! Fantastic day, gained so much from this session with practical application of exercises. Cath was an excellent facilitator."

- Danielle Lidgard, Group Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council

"Excellent. Very effective; and depth of info and delivery were excellent. Lots of tips and tools."

- Helen McNeil, Group Mgr People & Performance, Rous County Council

"Excellent! Catherine is such a pleasure to listen to. Wonderful coach. Thank you!."

- Trina Nguyen, Project Officer, Transport NSW

Meet some of our past & current clients.


What Clients Say

Cath and her team are incredible. My team is completely invigorated and I'm inspired to take the next step. Thanks for the inspiration Cath!

- Tahlia Shorter, Marketer

Catherine has guided me through a difficult transitional period in my career. Her expertise in the area, as well as her personable interaction, have allowed me to explore sometimes confronting issues and carried me through to a fantastic end result. I will seek her counsel again.

- Kim, Public Sector Leader

Catherine is an inspiring coach and mentor who enables you to focus on identifying goals both professional and person to grow as a human being.

- Nadine Miller, Marketing Director

What's your biggest wish?

The one too big to even call a goal, maybe it's such a stretch you haven't even said it out loud.

Is now the time to get closer to that? To find out what's possible for you?

Perhaps it's not. But if you're on the fence, ask yourself this. Are you wavering because you don't want the way this wish-come-true would make you feel? Or are you wavering because you don't believe you can?

If you want to be a professional Opera singer and you have a voice like... well a voice like mine, then maybe you're right and that wish is unrealistic. But in our experience, most career wishes are actually within reach. So if you're still on the fence, schedule a call. Let's spend 15 minutes strategising. Whether you chose to enrol in Career Impact or not, it will be the best 15 minutes you've ever invested in your career.

“Work’s going really well. At the start of the program I was very sceptical of all this, but I took the steps you told me, just in case and they had the exact impact you said they would! I’ve shifted so much!

Even my personal life has improved. I’m a lot calmer now, I’m investing my energy in the right things. I’ve worked out what works for me and for my stakeholders and I’m more comfortable saying no. I’ve always been vocal, but you helped me to word it better, to get a better result. And now I'm following up, so the result is so much better.

My stakeholders are quite excited, but its helped me more than anyone else. All of the answers were with me, you just helped me to find them.”

- Alia D'Silva, Business Operations Manager, HP.Karen S.

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