This is how Gender Gap Gone came to be...

Hey, I'm Catherine.

I created Gender Gap Gone in 2015 out of gut-centred certain belief that we can see the Gender Gap Gone one woman at a time.

I’m a Sydney girl, proud to be using my whole self, to have created a multi- award winning business that touches tens of thousands. That’s 20 years of corporate coaching and leadership training, plus my personal journey through trauma. And an extraordinary team that brings these projects to the world.

Through my #1 best-selling books, our online coaching programs and The Don’t be ARSD Movement®, we help people like you to see their brilliance, get past their blockers and reach their dreams. Negotiating the gaps they think they have, and closing the gender gaps they suspect, but can’t see.

Let me tell you a little of my story...

Bandaids, Boys Clubs & dozens of minor Bungles...

Before the sparkly awards and the celebrity leadership interviews, I was on the corporate ladder with the rest of the boys club, supporting Johnson & Johnson, Fosters and other giants of the consumer sector, financial services and government - with their people.

Loving parts of my job. Successful, playing the game. But slowly dying inside from the overwork + not-enough-ness combo.

Not even considering doing it differently, until I’d hit breaking point.

I pivoted and found my calling, focusing purely on helping others navigate the not-enough-ness, to be heard and impactful and rewarded.

I quickly clocked up thousands of coaching experiences. Working with leaders, I found that our very personal, unique career paths are eerily replicable. The fears and the successes. I got to apply solutions over and over. I’d tweak with every client I worked with – for better values alignment, or to quicken their paths with stretch and accountability.

All those hours coaching executives showed me how differently men and women approach their own careers - and what an enormous opportunity there is to close the gap. For women to be more fully in their own power, and to experience the rewards they deserve.

So in 2015 I founded Gender Gap Gone and we’ve partnered with extraordinary clients, who all shared our same goal: to see the Gender Gap Gone, one woman at a time.

But every robust success path includes a share of failures.

Not-enough-ness. The almighty, heavy road-block that had halted so many women I'd met, was holding me hostage too.

White picket fence to white trash.

I had a white picket fence upbringing. Loving, married parents and a good education. Courage was a strength, but it hadn’t really been tested that much. Then when my kids arrived, things started to change. I walked into trauma that played right into my self-doubts and would take years to resolve. But it would result in the greatest gift for me, my family and our clients.

The awards and the accolades you see, even the snaps of people I’ve worked with… all of that is pretty cool. But it doesn't tell you why I’m different.

Forged in fire.

I've worked as a leadership coach for 20 years. I can show you in moments, your best next move to build stakeholder trust, reinvigorate a team or break through a ceiling. But the most powerful skills I teach are the ones that help you move from inertia. To find the energy and courage to get started from whatever barrier you've hit. Those skills come from hard-won experience, forged in fire.

Emotional Intelligence & Shame

Where I worked, there weren’t many boobs in leadership - nobody talked about kids or mental health issues. I was used to hiding the parts of myself that didn't fit the standard image. I hit breaking point, landed my ‘AHA’ and started to help others progress their career paths too. Still the picture of professionalism.

Emotional Intelligence is understanding yourself and others, right? Women tend to put a big emphasis on understanding others so they can fit and accommodate. The same way that new migrants learn the money first – it’s survival. You’re meeting your basic needs. Or you think you are.

Most often, the gap is not understanding yourself well enough. I’m sure you’re aware of all your perceived faults. But not your brilliance, or even what you truly want for yourself.

When we work together, I’m going to ask for vulnerability from you. So it’s only fair, as leader of this ship, I do the same.

I experienced some stuff. The experts said mine was the worst case of psychological abuse they’d ever seen. We became one of those ‘unreported homeless’ families bunking with my parents, then living in hiding for years.

I’d started Gender Gap Gone to help working women build stronger careers, more solid financial security and more bliss in their days!

I was all polish and professional. But in the background, I felt like I’d gone from white picket fence to white trash. On top of that noise, in 2020 COVID wiped out 95% of our business.

My psych said he sees many people who can’t get out of bed dealing with a tenth of what I’ve experienced – even at the time I was writing multiple best-sellers, bringing up 3 divine kids solo, pivoting the business and living a pretty balanced, nurturing life.

I became an expert at rebuilding courage from the ground up - I had to, to survive. Only this time, I found the courage to be unappolgetically me.

What does this have to do with you?

With skills forged in fire and career and leadership tactics proven to work in the most difficult workplaces, our programs will help you to build from overwhelmed and feeling needlessly guilty, to blitzing your career.

Think of the most impressive, together working woman you know. Successful, she has healthy balance and financial security.

When I ask others that same question, many will already be pointing at you. But with our programs, you’re going to feel it too.

We're passionate about seeing the gender gap gone. Through our paid programs, our scholarships and our free resources.

Here’s to you - seeing your worth, being heard and rewarded for your impact, and living the life that truly lights you up with bliss.

Action by action accountability.

Not just ‘step by step' theory, we're known for getting into the nitty gritty details of the actions you need to take to create energy for your goals, and building in strategies that hold you accountable. 

I’ve taught on the global conference stage, alongside the likes of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Australian of the Year Grace Tame, the Honorable Julie Bishop, Leigh Sales, and Anna Bligh.

I’ve taught it through my #1 best-selling books.

My team and I have taught it through workshops, coaching and courses.

Are you ready to take REAL, momentum-building action steps toward change you can be proud of?

I understand you're already at capacity. Maybe even past it! And maybe your next career move isn't magically laid out before you.

All of that is totally ok! Most people just don’t pop out of the womb knowing intrinsically what they love to do!

Especially for those of us who were raised as ‘good girls’, people pleasers, or who just don’t fit the usual look and feel of success in our society. It’s hard to find your purpose when there’s no time to make yourself a priority.

And let's be honest: time is no different to beds and handbags: no matter how much you have, you spread out to use it ALLLLLLL up!

But I know that you’re ready.

That’s why you’re here- browsing development resources, rather than bingeing Netflix!

That’s why you’ve invested so much of yourself in a career trying to be your best and create a great life for you and those you love.

By reading this, you’ve proven you’re willing to DO the work – you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT work at the RIGHT time.

 And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off.

A personal snapshot.

2 - time #1 Best-Selling author on courageous career secrets.

Awarded Gold in the AusMumpreneur Women Will Change the World, 2021.

Awarded Gold in the People's Choice Award for Leadership, 2021.

Coached >7000 individuals to their next move.

Spoken with thousands of leaders – big names, minor celebrities and relatively unknowns, about what drives us to greatness and how we overcome.

Addicted to Travel Guides.

Never far from the water with Sam and our kids (we have 5 between us). Usually in Sydney, but anywhere blue will do!

I love to bake - my gingerbread & rocky road are legendary.

Still regularly belting out vintage tunes in the car, but now the kids join in too.

Want a cheeky peek behind the scenes? Laugh with the team at our family album.

Are You Ready to see the Gender Gap Gone?

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