How Gender Gap Gone came to be...

Hey, I'm Catherine.

I created Gender Gap Gone in 2015 out of gut-centred certain belief that we can see the Gender Gap Gone one woman at a time.

But the Women's Leadership space is big business - and I've found it's often FOR big business. For those who can afford it. So, by empowering some women to get ahead, I fear we're actually giving them an advantage... over the women who can't afford to access the knowledge. I genuinely worry: does this women's leadership model actually widen the gender gap, for some women?

WHAT ABOUT THE INTERSECTIONAL WOMEN? Women who have to fight harder to be seen, have to work harder just to show up. How do they access this leg up to equality?

THIS is how.

It's Taboo.

My team and I have been delivering workshops, conferences, courses and 1:1 coaching since 2015, often with some awesome, committed partners. You can see the happy snaps of our work to date, over HERE. We've been publicly recognised for the work we're doing, to see the gender gap gone. But while we've gifted programs to those in need, it's been away from the public eye.

Then one crisp spring lunchtime, in between hanging the sheets and collecting the kids from school, I had a long chat with the girls who created Taboo. And something big, fell into place.

See Eloise and Isabel, at just 22 and 23 and studying medicine and law full time, also run Taboo, which they started in high school, 5 years ago. Taboo sells period products, with all profits being reinvested back into their mission of ending period poverty. It's a big mission.

I didn't sleep with excitement. Next morning I put the wheels into motion. We too are now a Social Enterprise, so that you, our clients, are able to be more actively involved in the gifting of programs.

Our Peers on this journey, of seeing the Gender Gap Gone, are front line advocates for First Nations women, Domestic and Family Violence survivors, Disability and CALD services.

Our career and leadership programs ensure financial security though courage, capability and options. Our peers are helping us to make sure our gifted programs get to the hands of those intersectional women who need a little more advantage, just to get to even footing.

Are you ready to take action toward change you can be proud of?

The gender gap is a wicked problem. It's complex and multi-faceted.

But it's often treated by business, government, even police and justice, as a narrow one. Our own unconscious bias leads us to believe it happens, but that it's happening to someone else. That it's someone else's problem to fix. It's not. It's ALL our problem to fix.

When you buy a career or leadership program for yourself or your team, you're not only helping the future of those you know. You're helping secure financial stability for those at greater risk.

Thanks for joining us.

A personal snapshot.

I'm Cath. I'm CEO here, and you can also find me at or The Don't be ARSD Podcast®

A few other things...

3 - time #1 Best-Selling author on courageous career secrets.

Awarded Gold in the AusMumpreneur Women Will Change the World, 2021.

Awarded Gold in the People's Choice Award for Leadership, 2021.

Coached >7000 individuals to their next move.

Spoken with thousands of leaders – big names, minor celebrities and relatively unknowns, about what drives us to greatness and how we overcome.

Addicted to Travel Guides.

Never far from the water with Sam and our kids (we have 5 between us) and our COVID-puppy Bronte. Usually in Sydney, but anywhere blue will do!

I love to bake - my gingerbread & rocky road are legendary.

Completely committed to celebration.

Want a cheeky peek behind the scenes? Laugh with the team at our family album.

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