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Hi! I'm Catherine

I'm actually a pretty slack feminist.

I'm less 'rage against the machine' and more 'working with one woman at time to carve a path beyond what she believed possible, a career that ignites!'

Ughhh that sounds so corny!!! But truly, who wouldn't want a job you can obsess over, a job that lights you up - FIRES you up?!!

A job that aligns to your purpose, that's respectful of the whole life juggle? A path where you're seen, heard, respected, rewarded.

My team and I are empowering women 1:1 and en-masse, to achieve greater satisfaction. More joy, more reward. We work with people just like you.

With Career-Builders and Team-Builders.

Women in Leadership is a passion for many.
These are some of the businesses we've partnered with.


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Eliminate Self-Doubt

Our most popular download of all time, this video training will take you through a tonne of tips for building your confidence for mega career impact.


Get a Diversity Reality Check

You'd like everyone to bring their best and to be rewarded for it. But how inclusive are you really?Understand how inclusive you truly are, and what you can do to shift the dial further, faster.

“Work’s going really well. At the start of the program I was very sceptical of all this, but I took the steps you told me, just in case and they had the exact impact you said they would! I’ve shifted so much!

Even my personal life has improved. I’m a lot calmer now, I’m investing my energy in the right things. I’ve worked out what works for me and for my stakeholders and I’m more comfortable saying no. I’ve always been vocal, but you helped me to word it better, to get a better result. And now I'm following up, so the result is so much better.

My stakeholders are quite excited, but its helped me more than anyone else. All of the answers were with me, you just helped me to find them.”

- Alia D'Silva, Business Operations Manager, HP.Karen S.

How We Work

We deliver work in 4 key types of project. Our team expands and shrinks to fit the project mix.



Truly, I'm beyond grateful for the marchers and the 'good feminists' - the Clementine Fords and the Annabel Crabbs... but it's not our strength.

Our strength is partnering with men and women in leadership to make sure their corporate policies of equality and inclusion, actually match the experience of their team members.

Have you ever heard the headlines busting supposedly progressive businesses, for horror stories revealed by disgruntled employees? The businesses we work with never get to that.

# 2


We run fit-for-purpose workshops online and onsite for small teams and whole of business and across industries. All of our trainers are also coaches, so our action-by-action ethos encourages decisions and commitment.

These workshops are most often aimed at increasing inclusion, so we start by gaining buy-in. Celebrating the benefit of difference and highlighting the conditioning that holds back any workplace minority. Then we go into the work-arounds to beat that can beat programming.

We also work 1:1 with leaders and execs to help them to encourage courage and, well to avoid the commonplace norms that keep the gender gap in place!


Catherine is a prolific Key Note Speaker and MC at events on Womens' Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion.

In demand for global events since 2015, Catherine's known as a calm, engaging and inspiring speaker, making change do-able.

Topics typically include Presence, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Impactful Communication, Purpose, Bringing Others Along and Advancing Diversity.

One on One

And we coach 1:1, helping you discover and push for what ignites you, action by action.

Improving job happiness, competencies and performance. We have ridiculous amounts of passion for seeing the gender gap gone... one person at at time, en-masse.

Women don't need fixing. But multi-generational and often organisational bias, have led women to believe that they shouldn't be heard, or to lead.

1:1 programs unpack whatever's holding you back, uncover your purpose-aligned goals and offer support and accountability, in helping you to achieve those goals.

How do you take someone from stuck to highly motivated?

The greatest coaches ask the best questions.
These are our 50 favourite questions.

Highlights from one of our diversity events.