Calling values-driven leaders ready to scale their impact- without sacrificing themselves or their personal lives.

IMPACT is a Leadership Program. A 3-month growth accelerator for public and private sector women who've recently next-levelled their influence.

* Without guidance and support crew, leading through change can be overwhelming, the distractions insurmountable.
* Without accountability for your personal growth, everyone else's priorities are going to stay ahead of your own goals.
* And without fun, what's the point?!

Impact is a growth accelerator, saving you years of frustration, pigeon-holing and trial and error. We've helped thousands of leaders across hundreds of industries and 12 countries. We'd be honoured to work with you too.

Is IMPACT Right For You?

Impact is for leaders spinning their wheels, while juggling all the balls. Concerned about their teams and KPIs, and wanting to bring it all together.

Brilliantly successful to the outside world. Inwardly you're part-time-agonising over your ability to be effective as both a leader and a whole human, at the same time.

Aaaaand maybe a little crushed by the loss of fun in the workplace, amid the heaviness and overwhelm of recent world and workplace shifts.

Impact is right for...


You've been really successful and you know your craft beautifully. But leading your current team is a new deal for you and you'd like to level-up your leadership skills, to match your other strengths.

It's time to see your brilliance at work, and to feel the confidence you've earned, my friend.

Tighten your leadership style, your message and extend your reputation.


Described as 'one to watch', a hot-shot, a star. You're ready for more alignment, more capability, the next move.

Wherever you're at now, move towards YOUR next. Impact will elevate your exposure for all the right reasons- extending your networks, delivering more authentic and on-message messaging to inspire your team, engage your stakeholders and believe in yourself.


You're an established leader with runs on the board, things have gone so well before. But something has changed. Maybe a whole lotta somethings!

There's been a shift in you, the team or your environment. You're ready for a re-evaluation of what you bring to the table, what you should be delivering and what you've got to work with.

It's time to hit reset and come out refreshed and firing.

You are a powerhouse. You've achieved a great deal. But something is holding you back.

You have great tenacity & you are resilience personified, but it's impossible to get where you want without support.

There's a saying I love -
"Do less & obsess".

You can't fall behind here. Our Masterclasses are loved, but if you don't watch at a certain time, it's ok! Your focus will be curating effort and massaging your message. How much of what you're doing now, shouldn't you be? Making room for what's most important for you, your team, the business.

With 1:1 and Group Coach Calls, you will define and redefine what's most important, then you'll action it.

IMPACT is for doers and change-makers who want to make space for what's important, what matters, what makes the difference.

“Work’s going really well. I was very sceptical of all this, but I took the steps and I’ve shifted so much!

Even my personal life has improved. I’m investing my energy in the right things. I’ve worked out what works for me and for my stakeholders and I’m more comfortable saying no. I’ve always been vocal, but you helped me to get a better result.

My stakeholders are quite excited, but its helped me more than anyone else.


Pyjama Planning welcome: it's all online.

Impact is entirely online, in a mix of live and on-demand connection. Because the face to face situation is fragile. And because this is minimum imposition with huge returns.

Meet with your dedicated Exec Coach via Video Call. Use the App or desktop browser to access Masterclasses, challenges, Workbooks, Cheat Sheets and audio downloads from work or home. Join our weekly Coach calls each Monday. Interact with your Impact peers building confidence, competence and connection.

Busy-Life -Friendly

Distraction is the ultimate career de-railer. So we're here: with understanding and sneaky hacks to keep you moving forward regardless.

All of your Masterclass Material is released upfront, so can binge or drip-watch as it suits your style and schedule.

Meetings with your dedicated Coach are staggered based on your availability and Group Coach Q&A is weekly, for support, fun, and implementation accountability.

IMPACT is your Transformational Pivot Moment and it's Officially Open for Enrolment.

Class begins 22nd August



$449 AUD



$2349 AUD




When you buy a program, we gift a program. READ MORE HERE.

Here's what's inside Impact

This 3-month growth accelerator provides the elements vital to connection, inspiration and delivering results.

Learn to lead in your zone of genius. With strengths recognition and clearing the less important but often overwhelming busy-tasks, you will make room for big-impact actions. That's going to require a focus on confident decision making, EQ and communication. And this my friend, is where we'll be hanging out together.


Great systems allow your left brain to relax, so your right brain can soar with creativity and work its magic.

You'll learn the path to be WHO you want to be, become known for that brilliance and you'll take enough steps to embed your new normal. Aligned and visible.


Apply our award-winning approach and best-selling methodology. Up-level your ability to connect, engage, and inspire, to transform your results with lasting impact.

Build new habit patterns of self-appreciation, EQ & communication excellence.


You want to see a change, a transformation. A NEW NORMAL!!

Our distraction-free learning environment and experienced, Award-Winning Coaches maximise your results. With guidance and accountability, you'll be taking action and seeing results.

The Core Curriculum

Impact is a Coaching centric program, which means it's led by you and where you want to go. There are some core competencies we know are useful for the leaders we work with- that's the focus of the MasterClass training. Through your 1:1 and Group Coaching, you'll strategise, talk about how you're applying what you're learning, where it's working and where it's not. Those sessions are interactive strategy, push back and celebrate with your Coach and your peers.

Your Masterclass Library falls into Four Core Modules to help you to build your stellar, heart-centred success story.

This is not a theoretical stab in the dark and you are NOT left to go it alone. Expect learning, action, observation, correction, action... with a hefty dose of celebration along the way.


Your Unique Advantage

Straight up: you will know your unique strengths and how to make that shine in your brand. Are you currently known for the best of you? Is your brand serving your next move? Or even your current one? This may be the deepest dive you've done into what makes you tick. Your drivers shift over time, so we'll be looking at your long-term patterns and your skills compared with other leaders and current market expectations.

There's no OSFA for great leadership- but there are some common themes. This week, you're going to build your brand kit.

  • Identify your true purpose (it's rarely your first guess)
  • Learn from your past highlights reel to unpack what you're known for and what you want to be known for.
  • Craft a succinct 'what I stand for' message and see it play out face to face and in print
  • Set growth goals that fit YOU and not just the norm
  • Identify the skills you need to build, rather than all the skills you know you don't have yet
  • You can't build a career in a vacuum, so we'll also be mapping your network

Most career moves are decided with a yes/no response to opportunities that appear like a bunny from a top hat. Now, you'll have a strategy. With or without a clear dream-job in your sights, you'll have a brand that serves you and a Yes-If checklist, so you can be sure your next promotion is indeed a great move.



In Mindset Week we unpack what's holding you back and the hacks you can use to tread some tricky lines. You want to be a team player, but you shouldn't have to feel like you need a shower afterwards. You want to be authentic, but you also want to be inclusive. This week is meaty on its own and lays the groundwork for what's to come.

  • When I speak my truth, they say I'm aggressive.
  • Taking one for the team vs. being taken advantage of.
  • Are you being resilient, or tolerating abuse?
  • Exercise should be good for resilience... but its plaguing me like a clogged artery!
  • Self-control vs. self-oppression.
  • My sleep is keeping me awake at night.

We take on the leadership conundrums of resilience, organisation and perfectionism and create a clear path for helping you and others to excel here.


Your Brand

Now we've unpacked what you WANT to be known for, this week we set about honing how you're perceived. We start 'on paper', getting your messaging right. From next week, we'll tackle behaviours ...

  • Your 40-page resumé (not a typo)
  • Updating your resumé (we'll be on standby for feedback)
  • Interview Brilliance. We're talking preparation and execution. Expect to participate in some live practice here. Many

Many experience a 180 degree transformation with this week. A fantastic resumé is like killer heels without the killer back pain. It makes you stand taller, walk more confidently.


Unlock The Key To Connection - EQ

This is the land of Emotional Intelligence. The #1 identifier in successful leaders. And unlike IQ, you can expand your EQ. EQ is worth a concentrated focus, because it impacts all else you do in a gargantuan way.

Let me answer the two most popular questions.

  • 1. No, women are not more emotionally intelligent than men, but we do tend to be stronger in different parts of Emotional Intelligence.
  • 2. YES! You can increase someone's Emotional Intelligence, even if they don't see a problem with their EQ!

Emotional Intelligence is a power-week, where you learn some of your blockers and start to build your EQ, ready for leverage next week.



What / How to Communicate, When.

Let me tell you a story. I've interviewed thousands of leaders in the last 20 years- all of them impressive in some ways. But none of them have been as memorable as the ones who told great stories. There's scientific reason for it. More parts of your brain fire when you hear stories, than straight facts. Actually that's a very mediocre story- but my story doesn't matter here. Your stories are my concern.

This week is all about effective communication. We'll unpack killer strategies for Powerful Presentations and getting buy-in... but the most powerful of all, is creating your very own Story Bank. Crafting your message into a compelling pitch is one thing: but if you don't have stories, you won't connect. And logic alone does not build relationships.

This one week alone is worth the price of admission. Inspire followership through communication.

  • Decide on the stories you need to have
  • Fill your StoryBank easily
  • Use our Don't be ARSD Story Bank® spread sheet to store and retrieve your stories easily, when you need them.
  • Take your voice wider to influence more broadly. To your network? Company-wide? Industry-wide? Expand your influence.
  • Never again be shocked to silence- or lost for words.

Never again be lost for words. This is your absolute best-shot at being consistently on-message, personable, connected and inspiring.


Inclusive Leadership

Stellar teams make leaders look great. Inclusive Leadership is a powerhouse medley of finding the best people, leading them effectively and using science and celebration to help them gel together. Inclusive leadership is the essential, non-negotiable base-line. But in many workplaces, it's not yet the norm. This week, we tackle:

  • Situational leadership and adjusting your style for the individual circumstances
  • Where the Gender Gap is currently, how you can create change
  • Diversity Case Studies and lessons from our Diversity Collective series (including heads of HR, heads of business, D&I leaders and Male Champions of Change)
  • Performance conversations
  • Recruiting the right crew, with lessons from Amazon
  • Opportunities to advocate

Whether you're the Michael Jordan (well-established doyenne) or the Michael B. Jordan (promising spunky newbie) of leadership, this week's dedicated focus on your people will boost your stakeholder management game and deepen your influence.



Coaching is the turn-key for leadership excellence. It's the strengths amplifier for all you interact with- and for yourself. But it comes with a warning. A great coach has stellar questions for you, not answers. The premise of old-school coaching is that your coach helps you to find the answers within. That can be a little narrow.

We're shaking it up! Our Coach model is Inclusive Coaching. It stretches you to leverage your strengths of course - but we're looking both within and beyond you, for solutions.

  • Learn how and where to apply 1:1 coaching conversation with team members and stakeholders to deepen understanding and commitment to action.
  • Create a team coaching culture for greater inclusion and more robust outputs.
  • Practice DIY Coaching to elevate your goal setting and achievement game.

Coaching is the great panacea... but it takes groundwork- hello previous 5 weeks! And it takes practice -hello group coaching, to nut out your Q&A, so you can apply what you've learned, see it play out, adjust for more or less, apply, learn, celebrate, and repeat. With your Coach and cheer squad for guidance and support. Coaching builds courage in yourself and those you coach. It gets you thinking outside the square, expands your EQ and builds your push-back muscles.

Coaching's like Rome - not built in a day. You can't pick up the theory on Monday and have it nailed in action by Thursday's Coach Call. So we're not going to cut and run. We've got your back as you implement coaching and make it real for yourself.

  • Library of Leadership MasterClasses & Implementation Workbooks.

Showing you everything you need to leverage your expertise in a direction that suits your values, your aspirations and bring energy and joy for you and your team.

  • The Don't be ARSD Story Bank® Tech

to ensure you're never again Lost for Words and instead be comfortable captivating an audience or engaging a team- in a way that suits both your outcomes and your unique style.

  • Next-level personal branding strategies

to ensure that your message and your brilliance are heard by the decision makers for work that feeds your soul - and your bank balance.

  • A complete, step-by-step plan- actioned

will see you raising your voice more than before. Greater visibility, finding the next project, asking for more, saying no, identifying the projects you want and the stories you want to be known for.

(AUD $2,997 Value)

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Generate Momentum, No Matter What Else Lands In Your Lap.


Your Dedicated Exec Coach for Guidance & Accountability

With 4, 1:1 Exec Coach Sessions spread over the 3 months, we are truly committed to this being a transformational journey for you. No matter what else life throws at you, your Coach will help you stay focused and building the habits that will deliver your dreams.

Value $2,200


12 Weeks of Group Coach Q&A Calls with Catherine.

Our private group is an active, curated community of supportive go-getters who are on the exact same journey you are. Going it alone could take eons - but with the community you can get past hurdles in moments. With me, my team and your peers in your corner, you'll turn isolation into inspiration and frustration into fearlessness.

Value $1,500


Quiet Strength

Megumi Miki is quiet by preference and mighty in impact. With a career that includes consulting and now award-winning author of Quietly Powerful, this masterclass is not to be missed. Join the Masterclass, then listen in for my conversation with Megumi about the need for all types to tap into the benefits of being quietly powerful.

Culturally we celebrate fast action and loud voices. But is that causing bad decisions and relationship damage? Here we look closely at inner quiet & why you need to nurture yours.

Value $349


Career Conversations

These are the least-had of the critical conversations you need to have with your team. Join me in conversation with expert career strategist and author of Career Conversations, Greg Smith - diving deep into his insights into managing your career and the careers of others.

Done well, career conversations build trust, retention and reinvention of skill sets for future needs.

Value $349

When you add it all up, that's $7,395 of real world value.

But you can register for Impact today for just...


$449 AUD


$2349 AUD


Remember our team is in this with you.


If you have any questions about Impact, we're here to chat.

Click here to schedule a 1:1 LIVE Zoom call with someone from our team.

Plus an Optional, Pay-In-Full Bonus


On Camera - Mini-Course

Oh honey this is huge. This is where you start to reap the benefits of the unstoppable machine that is video.

Video is expected in leadership - in team meetings, presentations, inspiration and resumés. This is your chance to conquer it.If you want to feel like the best, most authentic version of yourself, to present like a goddess of professionalism on camera, this powerhouse woman is your #1 go-to. Her zone of genius is helping people who don't think they're engaging, to glow. Helping people sag under the weight of the camera glare, to get comfortable with the tech and with themselves.

In this 3-Part Mini-Course, Mel unpacks:

  • Educate, Entertain or Inspire
    Learn the ins and outs of presenting as a Pro in person and on video.
  • Everyday Video
    How to show up easily on camera to engage remote teams - and how to repurpose this content in meaningful ways.
  • Nail The Tech
    Gain expert insight on the basic tech you need and how to best put it to use, to give you the best result.

Value $749

This is a Pay-In-Full Bonus only. Join Impact and snatch up Mel's Mini-Class Bonus before it's gone!

Class runs August to November. Secure your place now.


Past Reviews


About Catherine Nolan, your coach.

Impact is led by award-winning coach Catherine Nolan, Founder of Gender Gap Gone and the Don't be ARSD Movement®.

With a global reputation as a women's leadership expert, she shares the leadership stage with the likes of Julie Bishop, Grace Tame, Leigh Sales and Nova Peris.

Cath's created transformations with individuals from numerous government departments, as well as ASXTop 10, Fortune Top 50 companies such as Coca Cola, Toyota, Uber, Disney, HP and Johnson & Johnson.

A four-time #1 Best-Selling Author on career courage, in 2021 Catherine was honoured with a People's Choice Award for Leadership Coaching, the AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Women Will Change the World and named Finalist as Women's Champion for NSW.

I know what it's like to hide parts of yourself in order to do a great job. To be striving and successful but heavy with 'not-enoughness', dismayed that you should have been further along - or it should be more enjoyable, or just easier.

I'd been a successful career and leadership coach for 10 years, helping thousands before my personal breaking point showed me the fight switch. With 3 young kids, the knock was so fierce it nearly ended me. Fighting back, I discovered transformational insights and tools that thousands of clients have since loved and implemented too. I learned how to turn on that fight switch, even in the worst of circumstances, to lead with heart and energy.

That breaking point was 10 years ago. My mission hasn't changed I bring everything I've got, to help you build wealth in finances and in life. A life of purpose and joy, with all the rewards you deserve.

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