Help us to end Domestic Violence Poverty.

We're a mission-driven social enterprise. We want to see the Gender Gap Gone and 95% of the thousands of women we've asked, say the #1 thing preventing their next step, is courage. So we build courage in tangible, career-building ways. We also know that's even worse for those who've experienced domestic and family violence.

So when you buy a program, we'll gift a program.

Through our network of refuges and advocates, we'll welcome a woman who's experienced DV and wouldn't otherwise be able to access this kind of courage-building professional development, to build her financial security.

Right now, we're in the 16 Days of Activism for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Be part of the change you want to see.



When you book your own seat, you're committing to next-level self belief and elevated leadership. More inclusive, brave, more uniquely you but also more aware of big-picture requirements. Your delivery and relationships will improve and your career trajectory will follow.



This is our mission, so we're highly motivated to encourage groups. Plus, we've worked with groups lots and we know the results for those individuals are fantastic. Check out our testimonials.

So when you order in volume, we'll bring sweet extras.

Domestic Violence isn't always disclosed at work. But you might have heard this.

Not everyone who says these things has experienced DV. But more have than realise it. They'll feel the impact without recognising the source of their compromised self-belief.

"Hey there, change-maker!

We all have self-doubt and most of us wish for more confidence. But when you've had a consistent voice telling you you're not good enough, career courage feels like walking on quick sand. Every step is just so freaking hard. Especially when that voice is someone you love or trust.

The Impactful Career is a program to build courage and leadership. It's for you, for your high-performers, C-Suite leaders, new managers and your employees who've experienced domestic and family violence.

Through our network of frontline superheroes, we want to give more DV survivors that gift of courage too. And it costs you nothing to help. When you build your own courage and capability, you're helping us gift courage and capability to others.

Are you on board?"

- Cath Nolan

No matter how brilliant you are at your job, no matter how hard you work or even the accolades you amass, there's no sense of security if you don't feel you belong. But at the same time:

Career Courage is ESSENTIAL if you want to make an impact and have long-term financial success.

You can be great at your job while you're distracted. You can out-perform your peers while feeling insecure. But you can't truly THRIVE in your work when you're carrying the burden of trauma. Whether that's from a workplace bully, an abusive intimate relationship, or a lotta life knocks.

We all have stuff going on outside work, but for some it's inescapable. That makes work harder. It can feel like running a marathon while dragging a minivan.

There's a lot of sympathy for those at risk, but the system really only addresses the symptoms. Emergency care, victims' services. Women are encouraged to report to police but often, for complex reasons, police don't help. Instead police direct women to Court. But the womens advocates in Court warn them to stay away from Court. Trapped in a spinning door, often the only options are poverty or return to the perpetrator.

Made to feel victim, reassured that feeling broken is normal and that self-care is the best thing to do. Not encouraged to be strong or equipped to rebuild.

I know this, because this was my story, too. Part of my story. But I wanted to be empowered. Self-Care seemed disgusting to me, in the absence of security. Security had to come first. And financial security buys safety. It pays for lawyers who can find answers. It pays bills, so that women can chose independence.

When I think about victims of domestic violence, I remember the posters of scruffy white women with bruises, looking broken. I don't look like that. Neither do your colleagues. They put on a brave face and show up for work. You may not recognise the victims around you, just as you probably don't recognise the perpetrators around you.

That's why I wanted to help. Because fighting my way out was the hardest thing I've ever done. And I sit in a privileged position with married white parents and a good education. A long-term 'expert' in helping people achieve their goals. But even my Coach tool kit wasn't enough. With deep learning I had to next-level my strategies in resilience and in rebuilding courage from the ground up. Even trusting people again, trusting your communication skills, trusting your professional expertise, can be a challenge for most.

I needed a network of people focused on the way forward, not feeling sorry or making me feel like a victim. I wanted to know the actions to take for recovery, not to be treated differently. I wanted to feel empowered. Don't we all?


We've got A's for your Q's

Is this suitable for our team members accessing Domestic Violence leave or support?

Well hell yes. Absolutely. It's a stellar way to let your team members know they're supported in non-intrusive, pragmatic way.

DV 'users' or perpetrators commonly make it difficult for victims to work- logistically, limiting opportunities and trashing their confidence. This program is an excellent antidote to that confidence crush, not to mention helping with the financial security that enables choices.

Who do the 'gifted' programs go to?

We have a network of Not For Profits who work in the Domestic Violence sector.

These include womens shelters and refuges, women's health centres and outreach programs, counsellors and advocates. Some cater to all women and children, others have a more specialised focus on First Nations women, or Migrant and Refugee women.

Our network partners nominate the participants, who then receive access just like you do.

You're giving away a course when I buy a course. Does that mean I'm paying double?

Ah-ah, no way, no ma'am. Nope. We've worked in this space for some years now. Our programs are super competitively priced. We can be super competitive AND still generous in gifting a seat for every seat sold, because of 2 things.

We're a Sustainable Enterprise. The Gender Gap is a wicked problem, and in some areas like domestic violence, it's only getting worse. We're prepared to forego profit for the sake of our mission.

The second reason, is our team is micro in numbers and huge in commitment. Our overheads are lower, so that the people who benefit most are the people taking our programs.

Do I need to have experienced trauma to activate my 'fight switch'?

Actually this is a VERY frequently asked question. People are inspired by come-back stories and wonder if they can have the come-back even without a set-back.

100% yes! You need two things. A strong enough goal and evidence you can do it. That's all.

You can expect to mine your history for missed targets, disgruntled clients and team members that didn't work. Alongside that, you'll get really clear on your vision. Even if you have no idea of your why, or where to start. You will soon, friend :) And then you'll be on your way. Even without an explosive trauma tale to your name :)

I've experienced Domestic Violence. How do I apply for a scholarship?

It's super simple. Most of our scholarships are given through our network partners, but not all. You can apply direct by emailing team@gapgone.com.au Kim or Cath will reply and let you know what we need to get you set up.

We'll ask two things. What is it you're hoping to get from this program and how can we support you? And, we'll ask you to provide some evidence that this has been your experience - it could be a letter from a case worker, a Dr certificate or similar.

If you know someone else you believe is in this position and you think they might benefit, please reach out via email and let's see if we can support them together.

Book a group for bigger benefits.

We're highly motivated, so we have LOADS of group bonus options to share with you, that can benefit a chosen few of your team or the whole of your business. LETS CHAT about which options will serve you best.


Our founder, Cath is a 3-time #1 best-selling author. Her books build courageous careers and make an excellent gift of encouragement and inspiration for teams.


We can deliver face to face or online, depending on the group you'd like us to reach. Topics include Find Your Purpose, Rethink Resilience and Encouraging Inclusion.


Participating in a program like this is great for your people and great for business. It increases inclusion among your employees, demonstrating your commitment to real humans.

Let's tailor a bonus package to suit you.

You can call us on 0474 769 003, or book a time directly that suits your diary.