You have a lot of respect for your business and the people in it, but you'd like to shift the dial on diversity and inclusion. Maybe you're already inclusive, but you'd like to be better at it. Or you could have diversity without inclusion... or are you the business where every employee is a cookie-cutter of the one at the top?

There's no miracle fix with diversity and inclusion. We do know that, wherever you're at now, we have people and resources that can take you to where you'd like to be.

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How do we measure inclusion?

Dan Cook of Dexus, Jess Wirawan of PwC, Trudie Harriman of Qantas, Lisa Rubinstein of the Womens Indigenous Network and Mandy Fulete of Lite 'n' Easy discuss Inclusion and how we measure our success.


What's the latest research showing?

Catch our International Womens Day Breakfast Webinar replay, to see what the numbers mean and what you can do to impact the gender gap a positive way.
In your workplace, your home and your community.

Get a Diversity Reality Check

You'd like everyone to bring their best and to be rewarded for it.
But how inclusive are you really? Understand how inclusive you truly are, and what you can do to shift the dial further, faster.


Advancing Women's Leadership

Create A Women's Leadership Strategy for your business, based on case studies, desired outcomes and culture fit.

  • Understand the current reality.
  • Explore the neuroscience driving the gender gap and how to use it your close the gap.
  • Unpack the options in Womens Leadership strategies and determine best fit for your business.
  • Build your road map- with policy, advocates, advanced communication techniques and strategies to combat change fatigue.


International Women's Day

Let's unpack the latest data and make meaning of it. Where is the Gender Gap at really, and what can you and I do to improve it?


The Diversity Collective

Bringing together D&I specialists, diversity TED talkers, Male Champions of Change, Business Leaders and passionate HR Professionals, The Diversity Collective events examined what's working and how we can do better.

One panel included Qantas, Lite N Easy, the Womens Indigenous Network, PwC and Dexus- on how to measure inclusion.

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