Have you ever met someone who popped out of the womb just knowing what they wanted to be when they grew up - and they actually followed through and they're living their dream, following their passion?

Hmm, maybe not? It's because those people are as rare as pro-vaxers in Byron Bay!

For the rest of us, it can take a combination of life-altering events and some qualified intervention, to bring about a discovery.

If you've read my story, you'll know that's how it happened for me. And that I've spent years gathering the short-cuts to get you there without the pain of doing it slowly.


Have trouble opting in? Or saying no?

Sure, you could do the next job. But do you want it?

The Yes-If Checklist is a handy tool for identifying whether options fit with your purpose.



The Career Cure

In this 6 Week Course you will go from feeling guilty & overwhelmed, to feeling aligned, passionate and on-purpose as you make your best career move yet.


10X Your Career Options

Our most popular download of all time, this video training will step you through a tonne of tips for building your confidence for mega career impact.


Are your goals overwhelming or inspiring?

Take this goals audit to see whether your goals are actually getting in the way of you achieving your dreams.


The Did Great Habit

Focusing on strengths is acknowledged as the best path to creating higher performance cultures and more enjoyable work environments. The Did Great Habit is a journal for building appreciation of self and others. This increases emotional intelligence and lowers risk aversion. People feel more courageous, more willing to bring their whole selves to their work.

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